Spanish is a very popular language to learn for its musical sound and widespread use, having over 400 million speakers in Spain and Latin America. This is a list of online opportunities to learn Spanish for free, and it will be updated as I become aware of more options.
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MemriseMemrise offers a wide variety of Spanish courses.

DestinosA free introductory online Spanish course.

WikiversityOffers two completed courses in Spanish, which include a lot of information on the countries where Spanish is spoken and cultural information about the Spanish-speaking world.

FSI Language Courses There are a number of FSI courses available. The Spanish Basic Course is one of FSI’s larger courses, consisting of four volumes.

DuolingoDuolingo offers beginner’s Spanish amongst a large number of other languages.

LingQSpanish is one of the many languages that LingQ offers beginner to advanced courses in. I’ve written a review of LingQ in another post. – The Spanish version of the French podcasts discussed here.


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