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The internet offers a wide variety of options for learning just about anything for free or a low cost. This post is a collection of all of the different options of learning French online, and it will be periodically updated.

LingQAs I’ve discussed this option in my review, French is one of a wide variety of languages that LingQ offers.

FSI Language Courses – FSI courses were originally developed to teach foreign languages to diplomats, and a large number of them are in the public domain, and available online for free.

Memrise – I also have a review on Memrise, which has a large variety of free French courses.

Duolingo – Duolingo offers free French lessons amongst a variety of languages, and is especially well-suited for absolute beginners.

Carnegie Mellon University offers free online courses in French I and French II.

France Bienvenue – This website offers numerous short videos in French for intermediate to advanced learners.

French in Action  – A free video course from Yale University.

Francais interactif – A free course from the University of Texas.

Wikibooks – Wikibooks has a French textbook.

Liberte – A free two-volume French textbook in PDF format.

Easy French – One of the Easy Languages courses on YouTube, these short and upbeat videos feature conversations in French with both French and English subtitles.

French Grammar Lessons – A series of 45 videos which cover various aspects of French grammar.

Conjugaison Francais – String Learning offers quizzes based on a number of textbooks, and this is a collection of over 9000 questions on French conjugation. The only problem with this website is that the ”next question” button doesn’t work, so you have to refresh the page to move on to the next question. Although there’s a small fee for many of the textbooks, the quizzes for this one are free. Also, the quizzes are useable even of you don’t own the textbook.

Podcast Francais Facile – This is a free collection of short podcasts in French on a wide variety of subjects. You have the choice of listening to the podcast at either a normal speed or a slower one. The entire website is written in easy French. – More about this podcast-based course here.

Lawless French – Free lessons from level A1 to C1.

Bonjour de France – Free French exercises for levels A1 to B2.

Francais avec Pierre: An assortment of video-based learning materials with both free and paid options for all levels. His YouTube channel is also worth looking at.

Defense Language Institute: An assortment of textbooks with audio.

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