One problem that travelers often have to worry about is getting mail while they’re away. There’s always the risk of missing an important letter. Also, a large amount of uncollected mail sticking out of the mailbox can attract burglars. Some people who would like to become permanent travelers are discouraged by the thought of not having a mailing address. Virtual mail services can help to solve this problem.USPS mailboxes

Earth Class Mail is one of these services. They receive your mail, scan it, and then send it to you electronically. You then get the choice of having them shred it, or forward it to you. There’s also the option of having parcels forwarded. They offer mailing addresses throughout the US, with locations in New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Las Vegas, amongst many other cities. Earth Class Mail also offers a check depositing service. Plans start at $99 per month.

A lower cost option is POBox Zone. They offer mail scanning services, and also forward mail and parcels. However,they don’t offer check depositing. POBox Zone has addresses in Nevada and Wyoming, and will soon be offering an address in Delaware. The plans start at $99 per year. However, there’s an additional charge of $1 for scanning each letter up to 10 pages, and $8.25 to have each bundle of mail forwarded.


Virtual mail services take care of one of the major worries that people have about traveling. No matter where you are in the world, they give you access to your important mail anywhere where you have access to the internet.


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