Clozemaster is a language-learning website which offers language instruction in the form of sentences in which you fill in the blanks. It doesn’t only offer a wide variety of languages to learn, but also a lot of languages of instruction. Some of the languages on offer are Afrikaans, Indonesian, Catalan, Danish, German, Spanish, French, Irish, Italian, Dutch, and Polish.


Some of the languages on offer have over 200,000 sentences in the course, while some of the lesser-studied ones, like Armenian and Kazakh, have only a few hundred. The longer courses have a ”fluency fast track” option, in which you get about 40,000 or 50,000 sentences, but still include each of the most common words in the language.

Leave the Grind Behind
The language is taught in sets of ten sentences. You get a choice whether or not to use audio for each set. If you use audio, you’ll first hear the sentence spoken, and then you’ll be shown the sentence with a missing word to fill in. You get a choice of whether to write in the answer or use multiple choice. If you don’t use audio, the sentence will be shown, and you fill in the missing word. If you get the answer right, the sentence isn’t shown again in that round, but any that you get wrong will be shown again at the end of the round.


There are both free and paid memberships, with the paid membership costing $60 per year. The main advantage to the paid membership is that you get an unlimited number of rounds with audio, whereas you only get one round with audio per language per day with the free membership. However, not all of the languages have audio, so it’s a good idea to make sure that the languages you’re studying do before taking out the paid membership. Also, the audio doesn’t work on Internet Explorer, but it does work on Firefox. I had the same problem with


Clozemaster is worth looking at if you’re learning any language. It’s enjoyable to use and affordable.

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