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There are numerous opportunities to document your knowledge of German. For a beginner’s to early intermediate level, there are a number of credit-by-exam programs listed here which offer college credit. For a higher intermediate or more advanced level, there’s the option of getting a language certificate from the Goethe Institut, which is a German non-profit organization devoted to teaching and preserving the German language.


The Goethe Institut has its headquarters in Munich, with locations in 11 other German cities and many more cities in countries around the world. The exams are offered from levels A1 to C2 on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL.) The C2 level is required for study at most German universities, however, there are some universities for which a C1 level is sufficient, and there are many in Switzerland and Austria where a B2 is enough to start studying there. The exams consist of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. They take place once a month and rage in cost from 70 euro for A1 to 295 euro for the C2 exam.


The Goethe Institut also offers German courses, although these aren’t required in order to take the exams. The courses last four weeks each, and there’s a choice between morning, afternoon, and evening courses. They also courses which are designed to prepare you for the exams. The Goethe Institut also offers accomodation at an extra cost, so this might also be an option for a language-learning holiday.


A language certificate from a country where the language is spoken can be a respected qualification in documenting your language skills. If you’re studying German, a certificate from the Goethe Institut is well worth considering.


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