Alliance française Paris Ile-de-France
Language learners are often interested in the opportunity to gain certification for their knowledge, and the Goethe-Insitut exams were discussed in another post for proving one’s knowledge of German. The Alliance Francaise is the French equivalent of the Goethe-Insitut. The Alliance Francaise is a non-profit based in Paris which is devoted to promoting the French language. They have locations in countries around the world.

The Alliance Francaise offers both French courses and exams at all levels, from A1 to C2. You’re allowed to exams without taking a course first. The exams test for knowledge in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

The courses include preparation for studying at a French university and preparing to use French in a professional environment. One course option is a teacher certification course. It lasts for 10 months, and can be taken in Paris or online. In order to start this course, you have to pass an entry exam that shows that your knowledge of French is at or above C1.

These exams are one of many opportunities to certify knowledge which was gained outside of the classroom, and they enjoy a lot of recognition and prestige.

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