As the world is getting more interconnected, an increasing number of parents are interested in exposing their children to a foreign language at a young age. A young child might not understand a formal language class, or have the patience to sit through it. However, there are many toys with which a child can still be introduced to other languages through play. These are just a few examples of toys that can be used to help teach Spanish.

Espagnol Basico: Bingo is aimed at kids from four to six years old. Instead of numbers, the cards have pictures of objects with the Spanish words for them. It teaches 50 words, and has enough cards for up to 36 players.

Kloo’s Learn to Speak Spanish Card Games is recommended for kids ages 7 and up. It consists of 128 cards which are used to score points by making sentences. The longer the sentences, the higher you score.

Numbers 1 to 100 Flash Cards are for ages 5 and up. They show the numbers in numerical form, and written out in English and Spanish.

GeoPuzzles World is a sturdy jigsaw puzzle of the world for ages 4 and up which shows the names of the countries, oceans, and seas in Spanish. This toy teaches geography along with Spanish.


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